Ring of Fire

Ring Of Fire - Card Game

Ring of Fire is a drinking game involving more than 2 people.


  • 1 glass or mug
  • 1 Deck of playing cards
  • Alcohol


To begin the game spread the cards face down in a circle. Place the glass or mug in the center of the circle of cards. Make sure everyone has a drink and can quickly get another. Ring of Fire works by each player in turn choosing a card and then quickly flipping it over to reveal its value. Each card has an associated rule as shown below. It it a good idea to have these either written down or printed out for quick reference. Note: In Ring of Fire card suit is not important and a drink is subjective. Before the game decide how much a drink should be i.e. a shot, a sip, a finger, etc


Card Value

Gift Cards
Cards valued 1 to 5 are so called gift cards. If a player flips these cards he or she can give a "gift" to another player. The player who received the gift then has to drink the value shown on the card. If the giver wants to they can split up the value and give drinks to multiple people. For example if a player gets a five then the player can give 5 drinks to one person, or 3 drinks to one person and 2 to another, or 1 to each person, etc
Fuck YOU
When a six is flipped over regardless of suit everyone has to shout out "Fuck YOU!" Last person to shout has to take a drink
Counting Card
When the 7 is flipped over all players start the counting game. Starting at number one, the players going counter-clockwise, take turns counting up in ones. Every time either a multiple of seven or a number with seven in it comes up, instead of saying 7 the player says "REVERSE" and then the players reverse direction and start counting clockwise. The first person to make a mistake must take a drink.

This means that, going round the table, the pattern would be "1 2 3 4 5 6 '''REVERSE''' 8 9 10 11 12 13 '''REVERSE''' 15 16 '''REVERSE''' 18 19 20 '''REVERSE''' 22 23 24 25 26 '''REVERSE''' '''REVERSE'''..." 29 30 31 32 33 34 '''REVERSE''' .

Note:This rule can be played with any card, just using the face value of that particular card. Lower values lead to more omitted numbers, changing the difficulty of the task.
The person who picks up the card calls out a category such as "Fruits" or "Simpson characters" and that player then starts with the first example of something from that category. No example can be repeated and the first person to fail has to take a drink.
YOU Fuck!
The opposite of 6, when a 9 is flipped over regardless of suit everyone has to shout out "YOU Fuck!" Last person to shout has to take a drink
Whoever flips over the 10 card starts to drink their drink or "skulls". Everyone else playing the game has to also drink their drinks until the person who holds the 10 stops skulling their drink.
Rhyme Card
Whoever flips over the Jack says a word and then going in one direction around the table each player has to rhyme a REAL word to the orginial word. First person to mess up takes a drink.
Thumb Card
The player who gets the Queen keeps it and the game goes on. At any time in the future the player who holds the queen secretly puts their thumb on the table as the other players notice they too put their thumb on the table. Last person to notice and put their thumb on the table has to take a drink.
King's Cup
Each time the king comes up the player pours an amount of their drink into the center glass located in the middle of the cards. The person who then flips over the FOURTH King has to drink whatever amount is in the cup.
Rule Card
The player who flips an ACE can make up any rule about game play. Breaking this rule is then punishable with taking a drink. Rules can not be made to one specific person.


Anytime anyone breaks a rule they must take a drink
  • Before you touch the cards a player must slap their head
  • No pointing
  • You must say a line from a movie or sing a line from a song before drinking
  • No swearing
  • Nobody is allowed to use anyones real names.
  • etc

Alternate Rules

Other rules exist and the most popular are:
  • Toliet Card
    At the start of the game everyone told that no one can leave until unless they have the bathroom card. When the toliet card is flipped over the player may be sell or trade for other cards, beer, money, etc
  • Freeze
    Similiar to the Queen thumb card. When a player picks up this card, he retains it. At any point throughout the game, he can freeze in any position, preferably an obvious one. The last person to follow his example and freeze in the same pose must drink two fingers.
  • Snake Eyes
    If a person holds this card, no-one can look into their eyes. Anyone breaking this rule must drink. This lasts until someone else draws the same card, whereupon they become "Snake Eyes".