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Sophia Loren Meets Jayne Mansfield

Rita Hayworth Pinup

James Dean in Times Square

Marilyn Monroe

Tennis Girl

Betty Grable

Farrah Fawcett – Swimsuit Poster


World War II

Dresden Destroyed

The Milkman

American Soldier Drinking From A Canteen

VJday Times Square Kiss

D-day soldier in the water

Churchill and the Tommy Gun

We Can Do It!

Bloody Saturday

The Churchill Portrait

Wait for me, Daddy

St Paul Cathedral Survives

Fat Man explodes

USS Arizona Struck

Greatest Generation D-day Landing

Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima

Flag on the Reichstag

Dead Americans at Buna Beach

Uncle Sam Wants You

Shaw Explodes

Yalta Conference


Reaching Out

Vietnam Airlift

Burst of Joy

Vietnam Napalm Girl

Vietnam Execution

And babies

Vietnam – No 13

War Is Hell

Burning Monk

Iraqi Wars

Donald Rumsfeld Shakes Hands With Saddam Hussein

Jessica Lynch

Saddam Hussein Captured

Iraqi Soldier

Fall of Saddam Hussein’s Statue

Afghan Wars

American Taliban

Afghan Eyes Girl

Other Wars

Stretcher in the Mud

WWI Christmas Truce Football Match

Soldiers at the Western Wall

Starving Sudanese girl

Killer Man

Escaping over the Taedong Bridge

Falling Soldier

Aid From The Padre


SAS assault on the Iranian Embassy

Patty Hearst

Oklahoma City Bombing

The Second Plane

Raising the Flag at the WTC

Masked Man at the Munich Massacre


Ruby Kills Oswald

Oswald Backyard Shots

JFK jr salutes JFK

Zapruder Film


Fire on Earth

Dresden Destroyed

Omayra Sanchez

Challenger Explosion

Challenger Explosion

Health and Science

Fetus hand reaches out

Ear Mouse

Political Scandal

Bill and Monica

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  1. My father-in-law was in the Korean War and was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor. Some say he received the medal of honor (could not find his name). He also was in a documentary film about the war. His name is James W.? Vines, dob January 4, 19?? Where should I look to find the facts and the documentary?

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