Most Famous Images

Highest viewed video with over 6.2 billion views as of June 2019

Iwo Jima flagraising color legend

It has been called the greatest photograph of all time … the most widely reproduced
-Associated Press


The most famous photograph in the world and a symbol of the 20th century
-Maryland Institute College of Art

farrah fawcett swimsuit poster

Her swimsuit poster broke records by selling 12 million copies


Most reproduced portrait in history
-The Economist

Bloody Saturday

136,000,000 People Saw This Picture
Oct 4, 1937 Edition of Life Magazine

Highest viewed viral video with around a billion views
-2006 Total based on research from The Viral Factory

Top 10 Most Viewed Youtube Videos 2006-2019
u/TheRanker13 in dataisbeautiful

Highest viewed video from 2012-July 2017

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